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SBC Gets Long-Distance Approval

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Californians soon will have another choice for a long-distance company. State regulators approved SBC Communications´ plan to provide long-distance service to California today.

San Antonio-based SBC has spent the past few years trying to meet state and federal requirements so it could compete in California’s market.

In September state regulators found that SBC did not meet all the provisions to offer long distance in the state. But a state Public Utilities Commission judge proposed safeguards to make sure rivals can compete with SBC. The judge said with those safeguards SBC ought to be allowed to enter the market. Today the PUC said the phone company – long known in California as Pacific Bell – can enter California’s lucrative market.

Earlier this month the Federal Communications Commission said the company met all federal requirements and voted to let SBC begin the service in the state. The company will now be able to complete long-distance calls within the state as well as those from one state to another.