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Five-Ton Santa Needs An Owner

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Banished from a Santa Claus Lane rooftop nine months ago, the giant chicken wire-and-plaster Saint Nick that brought year-round Christmas cheer to Highway 101 travelers for a half-century is about to face another indignity.

Stored in a driveway after removal from a candy store roof in March, the 22-foot Santa Claus now faces further exile. Santa could be destroyed if there isn´t a savior to move the five-ton icon by January 23rd.

An historical preservationist, Robert Maxim, has investigated numerous potential relocation sites but has found none with the desired combination of willing landowner and public view. The goal is to find a home where it can be admired by passers-by.

Property owners Steven Kent and Nancy Rikalo have the right to dispose of the massive figure if a new home isn´t found by next month, but Kent says they prefer not to trash the holiday icon. Maxim says he believes in small miracles and isn´t giving up hope.