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Bigfoot Was To Scare Vandals

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The 16-inch footprints credited by some with reviving the legend of Bigfoot were really meant to scare away thieves. That’s according to a co-worker of the man credited with making them in 1958.

He says the late Ray Wallace used big, wooden feet strapped to his boots to make the prints. The two men worked together rebuilding roads in the forests of Northern California. He says Wallace left the giant footprints around construction equipment parked in the woods to frighten vandals.

The tactic worked – and then the tale took on a life of its own. Word of the footprints got around, attracting tourists to the area. But after media accounts drew national attention, Wallace – concerned he’d get in trouble with the sheriff – decided to keep his role to himself. When he died last month, family members revealed his role in making the prints.