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Four-Wheelers Rescued Near Tahoe

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A cell phone came in handy over the weekend for four Californians stranded in a snow bank in the backcountry near Lake Tahoe.

The four motorists from Sacramento and the Bay Area were off-roading on the Miller Lake Trail on Tahoe’s west shore when their two trucks got stuck in a snowdrift west of Tahoma Saturday evening.

They telephoned the Placer County Sheriff’s Office and a patrol member located them about nine o’clock that night. Deputies say the four were about 10 miles from the nearest paved road between Bear Lake and Barker Pass west of Homewood.

They were not equipped for anticipated lows overnight in the twenties. But deputies say they did the right thing by remaining with their vehicle. The search involved four ATVs, two snowmobiles, a patrol car and a helicopter.