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Mariposa County Receives State Money To Purchase Motel For Homeless

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Mariposa, CA — The state of California is giving Mariposa County $4.1 million to purchase a motel to house homeless residents.

It is part of the state’s “Project Homekey” program.

The Mariposa Health and Human Services Agency has been leasing the Yosemite Inn located on Jones Street in Mariposa over the past five months as part of an effort to get homeless residents off the street during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The county has focused on serving seniors over the age 65 and people with disabilities.

The state has now awarded the $4.1-million grant so that the county can purchase the 27-room motel to continue to house people struggling with homelessness, indefinitely.

It was one of 19 projects announced for funding this week, totaling $200-million.

Speaking about the overall effort, Governor Gavin Newsom argues, “Not only is Homekey unprecedented in providing capital to house people experiencing homeless, but we are moving with unprecedented speed.”

Newsom says that California must address the issue of homelessness with the same urgency as COVID-19 and wildfires.