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Marine World Elephant Dies

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A 24-year-old African elephant is dead at Six Flags Marine World after a calf died in her womb six weeks ago.

Tika was a favorite at the park for 21 years. She was euthanized yesterday at the park in Vallejo for untreatable internal infections.

An autopsy showed the calf´s leg got caught, preventing it from moving properly into the birth canal.

Tika was in labor for three days in October. During the process the calf´s leg ripped the mother´s uterus, which eventually led to a widespread infection.

The calf died in the womb and park veterinarians began antibiotic treatments in hopes she could expel the dead fetus – but that never happened.

Tika was impregnated through artificial insemination almost two years ago. The calf would have been her first.