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Tuolumne Chamber Opposes Most Propositions

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The Tuolumne County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors opposes six of the seven propositions facing California voters next week.

The Chamber is recommending a “no” vote on four bond or state grant-fund propositions, not based upon whether the purpose to which the money would be put is worthy, but, the Chamber said, because the state simply can´t afford it.

“In the last two years, California has gone from the largest surplus on record to the largest deficit on record,” the Chamber said. “Every indication is that next year´s deficit will also be huge. Quite simply, the state budget is in terrible shape.”

The Chamber statement continued:

“Three of these Propositions are for a total of $18.59 billion in new bonds, and the fourth is for a new annual expenditure of $455 million. The new bonds would create a total indebtedness of $37.8 billion to be paid off over the next 30 years. The Tuolumne County Chamber of Commerce thinks this is fiscal irresponsibility.”

The Chamber´s recommendations and reasons are:

Prop. 46: Oppose. We can´t afford it.

Prop. 47: Oppose. We can´t afford it.

Prop. 48: Support. Simply deletes references in state Constitution to municipal courts that no longer exist.

Prop. 49: Oppose. We can´t afford it.

Prop. 50: Oppose. We can´t afford it.

Prop. 51: Oppose. Takes 30 percent of sales tax from motor vehicle sales and leases and allocates it to special interest transit projects primarily in the south state.

Prop. 52: Oppose. Allowing voter registration up to and including the date of an election will create the potential for massive voter fraud.