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Voters Taking A “Who Cares” Attitude

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Apathy by voters in the Mother Lode has both Republican and Democratic party leaders concerned.

Voter lack of interest this election could have a dramatic impact on turnout at the polls, even though Californians will be electing a governor.

Democratic Central Committee Chair Sharon Maravich says even with a governor’s race topping the ballot, area voters are taking a “who cares” attitude regarding the upcoming elections.

“This is the first time in quite a number of years that the governor’s race has been on top of the ticket,” Maravich said. “It doesn´t seem to be attracting quite the interest that it should.”

Beverly Crane of Modesto says she’s tired of the candidates avoiding the issues.

“What’s bothering me right now about the politicking is the mudslinging,” says Crane. “I’m finding that pretty disgusting.”

Downtown Sonora merchant Jackie Lutes is in a quandary on picking a candidate to vote for November 5th. “Everybody’s been saying the same thing,” Lutes said. “They just don´t know what to do. You have to pick the best of two evils. It´s going to be tough. I don´t know what I’m going to do.”

Voter apathy is showing up at the county elections office, too. Tuolumne County Clerk Tim Johnson says voter registration is down from previous years as well.

KVML reporter Mark Olson contributed to this story.


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