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Stayner´s Lawyer Gives Tearful Plea

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The lawyer for Yosemite killer Cary Stayner broke down in tears as she asked a jury today to spare her client’s life.

Defense lawyer Marcia Morrissey cried during opening statements in the penalty phase as she asked jurors to look beyond the horrible killings and consider Stayner’s entire life.

Prosecutor George Williamson said Stayner deserves to die for killing three Yosemite tourists in 1999.

Williamson says if the three murders aren´t enough to lead jurors to a verdict of death, they should also consider the murder of a nature guide.

Williamson says brutal is the only word to describe the killing and beheading of Joie Armstrong. The prosecutor says he’ll also present testimony from the family of the victims to show the impact that the crimes have had on their lives.