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Terror Preparation A Work In Progress For Tuolumne County

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Tuolumne County Emergency services have seen some changes since the 9-11 attacks. Emergency services coordinator Maureen Frank says her office has begun what will be an ongoing effort, giving the overall approach a very different focus, expanding from what she calls the “Two F´s” disasters of Floods and Fire. Those problems are still with us, but the department is now preparing for deliberate acts of terror. One $30,000.00 Federal grant has already been put to use and more is expected during the next year.

The process of planning for an unspecified threat can be daunting, and in the past 12 months, Frank says several steps have been taken. Law enforcement and emergency medical services agencies have also refocused or enhanced their operations to address possible threats. Frank says it will take a combination of disciplines to respond, should that kind of disaster come to the Mother Lode.