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Bush Heads To Stockton Tomorrow Morning

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Calling the nation´s forest policy “misguided,” President Bush says more logging in national forests will help prevent wildfires. Bush told a crowd in Central Point, Oregon, that forests can be made healthy “by using some common sense.”

Dressed in casual attire on a stage surrounded by potted trees, he said it makes sense to clear brush and kindling.

The President comes to Stockton Friday morning and will appear at a political fund-raiser for Republican Gubenatorial candidate Bill Simon. My Mother Lode will have local coverage of the President´s visit.

On route from Texas to Oregon today, Air Force One passed low over the 471,000-acre Biscuit fire to give Bush a bird´s-eye view.

His proposal is drawing heat from environmentalists worried that the new rules will gut safeguards protecting old-growth trees. Some protesters gathered on a mountain road on the president´s route. One carried a sign reading, “More forest, less Bush.”

About 1,500 activists gathered in downtown Portland to prepare for the day´s rallies to protest President Bush´s visit.