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Poll: Davis Could Do Better

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A poll released today says Governor Davis could do a better job of improving California´s energy situation, balancing the budget and improving public schools. 49% of potential voters surveyed by the Field Poll say they disapprove of the governor´s performance. That´s an improvement over a poll in May of 2001. Back then, 55% of those surveyed disapproved of how Davis was doing his job. 41% approve of the job Davis is doing, while 10% have no opinion. That compares to 36% who gave a positive appraisal in May 2001 and 9% who had no opinion. 49% don´t like how he´s handling the energy crisis, 39% disapprove of how he´s dealing with the budget, 35% don´t like his handling of the economy and 34% disapprove of his efforts to improve public schools. The poll also says 45% of those questioned approve of the job the legislature is doing, while 36% disapprove. And 51% said California is heading in the wrong direction, while 37% percent said the state is on the right track. The survey was conducted between June 25th and July second. It involved 543 registered voters and had a margin of error of plus or minus 4 and a half percentage points.