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Easy Tips To Avoid Heat Illness While At Fair

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For the thousands of people attending the Mother Lode Fair during this heat wave, hot weather precautions should be kept in mind.

Public Health nurse Kathy Amos gives some tips to prevent heat-related illness such as heat stroke and heat exhaustion, yet have fun while at the fair.

“Using common sense is, for me, the best advice I can give,” Amos advises. “Stay to the shady areas and wear light-colored clothing that´s going to breathe.” She says to take advantage of the cooling water misters and fans that are located on the fairgrounds.

“Most of all, avoid alcohol and drink plenty of fluids.” She says drink water before your body tells you it´s thirsty, because by that point, you´re past the point of needing hydration.

Amos says those folks who are of high health risk, such as the elderly or overweight, should consider attending the fair in the cooler early evening hours, avoiding the extremely hot midday hours. Gates open at 4 p.m. this afternoon. The fair runs through Sunday.