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Polls Don’t Look Good For Condit

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One Democratic party leader in Congressman Gary Condit´s district sums up the mood of voters this way: ´´everybody´s praying for Tuesday night.´´ That´s when they´ll find out whether the California Democrat´s political career is over.

Condit is trailing in the Democratic primary to hold on to the seat he first won in 1989.

Many didn´t think he´d run this time after being linked to missing intern Chandra Levy.

Police sources say Condit has admitted a relationship with Levy, who vanished last spring.

But police say Condit is not a suspect in her disappearance. In addition to the scandal, Condit´s Central Valley district has been reconfigured. He´s had to scramble to meet many new voters. And for the first time he´s had to use his own money.

Condit has gone from avoiding the Levy issue to suggesting that re-electing him would keep attention on her case.