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Mutz Bean Feed ready to Serve

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The 16th annual bean feed is going on right now on Washington Street at Linoberg. The preparations for the beans began early this morning.

As the bean mixture was coming together and beginning to simmer this morning… the man they call “Mutt” said his recipe is really no secret; celery, onions, garlic, tomatoes, ham and salsa.

He says it´s done by a process called “pitch-in”… which G.A. “Mutt” Mutzner explained. “We pitch in until we get tired, and it´s all over with.”

At the sound of the bell at noon, the bean feed begins. Hungry eaters will line up on the sidewalk along South Washington Street all the way to the Sonora Inn.

The big bean feed is followed by the Pop Hudson Memorial Christmas sing, at 12:45.