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Interface Decision is a “Compromise”

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The fate of Stanislaus National Forest Interface trails has been decided by Tom Quinn, the U.S. Forest Service Supervisor in Sonora.

“It is not extreme to either end of the spectrum,” said Jerry Snyder, Forest Service spokesman. “We are looking at a compromise type of decision.”

As soon as the formal documents are prepared they will be released, probably before Nov. 1, Snyder said.

Quinn will talk with the groups involved before it is released to the public. He was offered six alternatives to choose from.

“Tom Quinn has always maintained the multi-use position for the forest,” Snyder said.

The Interface is a 16-square-mile area of forest bordering the towns of Avery, Arnold and White Pines. Off-road enthusiasts and some of residents of the towns bordering the Interface have been at odds over off-road vehicle use of the trails there.

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