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Culinary Careers “On The Line” at City Hotel

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If you have a palate for fine gourmet dining but not the budget, here´s an offer that you can´t refuse.

While initial course instruction is conducted at culinary and pastry arts labs on the Columbia College campus, students receive advanced training at the Columbia City Hotel where they plan menus, estimate the cost per serving, procure food and working on the line to prepare attractive and tasty gourmet dishes.

From now through Thursday, Nov. 13, two-course dinners prepared by the students will be offered at the hotel restaurant for $12.50 per person from 5 to 7 p.m. on Wednesdays and Thursdays only. As part of the training program, diners will be asked to critique each meal, along with the service.

“This is a whole new direction for our culinary program at the hotel,” said Tom Bender, Columbia City Hotel general manager and Columbia College culinary arts professor. “We´d like to offer members of the community a first class dining experience that´s priced right and at the same time, provide some practical hands-on training for our students. It´s very rewarding to see how enthusiastic our students are about this.”

The menu fare will change weekly so that each culinary arts student will have the opportunity to design the two course selections. Featured selections will be available two days prior to each dining date for inquirers.

Reservations are highly recommended by calling the City Hotel at 532-1479.