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Faculty and Staff Art Exhibited at Columbia College Rotunda

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Columbia College is showcasing its on-campus artistic talents at the annual Faculty & Staff Art Show, now on display through Oct. 15 in the Rotunda of the Manzanita Building.

The college´s newest art instructor, Kathleen Ball entered two small figurative sculptures with strong emphasis on anatomy and proportion while depicting an equally strong set of emotions.

Li Ching Accurso gives us a photo collage entitled “Dreamland.” And like in a dream, one sees different things at different times and distances.

John Accurso is represented by two small graphite drawings, which explore the vagaries of form and silhouette. In turn, Jim Leitzell´s oil paintings have a different take on the very same subjects, creating an interesting approach by two artists on identical themes.

Deborah Dague-Barr´s signature-style of mixed media paintings depict haunting images of figures overlapping large faces.

The intricate cross stitch “Family Tree” by Ina Heinrichs is of necessity unfinished, leaving room for additional family members in the future. It is a beautiful, delicate form of folk art.

Underwater photographs of trout by Andrew Maurer are truly remarkable for their clarity. In addition, he has used a computer to combine four photographs of trout with text to make a dramatic piece of communication art.

Jessie Pearson´s color photographs explore the beauty of our western states. Like Ansel Adams before him, Pearson has an unerring eye for the perfect moment.

Finally, there are three ceramic pieces created specially for this show by Laurie Sylwester. With all her work on display elsewhere, she “whipped up” two vases and a maze ball just for the college exhibit. Don´t miss seeing them or her other works of art at the Vault on Washington Street in downtown Sonora. It runs through September 29.

The Columbia College Faculty & Staff Art Show is open free to the public. Rotunda hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Mondays through Thursdays, and 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Fridays.