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Others Chime In On Recall Delay

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One of the main backers of the California recall effort has some harsh words for the federal appeals judges who say the election has to be postponed.

Congressman Darrell Issa – who helped bankroll the recall drive with a $1.7 million donation — says the justices are attempting a “judicial hijacking of the electoral process.”

He says the ruling dismisses the interests of the more than two million people who signed recall petitions.

Issa says the judges, all appointed by Democrats, are asking people to believe that the “very voting systems that were used in the last election to elect Gray Davis aren´t good enough for the election to remove Gray Davis.”

Meantime, Independent recall candidate Arianna Huffington welcomes today´s federal appeals court ruling that blocks October 7 balloting. As she sees it, “This is actually very good news because this has been an ongoing problem that has disenfranchised millions of voters not only in California but across the country.”

Huffington adds that any delay would give her campaign to register more voters.

She said a delay, in her words, “will also give the people of California the time to really get to know the candidates instead of voting simply on name recognition or on the fact a candidate is the next guy in line, as is the case with Cruz Bustamante.”

Huffington said she will postpone filing the language of a proposed ballot initiative that would enact public financing of elections. She had intended to file the wording of the proposed referendum with the Secretary of State tomorrow.