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More Hop On Bustamante Bandwagon

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The state´s largest teachers union has announced that it is opposing the recall of Governor Davis – but is supporting Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante´s bid to succeed Davis if the recall is successful.

CTA President Barbara Kerr calls the recall bad public policy and says it will cost the state $70 million that it can´t afford. Additionally, she says, “Gray´s not a criminal.” Kerr says the union stood behind Bustamante because of his past support for class-size reduction and other public education issues. The union plans to spend more than $500,000 getting the word out to its 335,000 members.

Meantime, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says Democrats need to be united during the recall election – voting no on the recall and yes on Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante. Her comments today came after the California Democratic Congressional Delegation announced it would support Bustamante as a backup candidate – just in case Governor Davis is recalled.