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1,000 Year-Old Tree Crushes SUV

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A 200-foot-tall giant sequoia tree fell and crushed an SUV along Sequoia National Park´s main road. The tree fell early yesterday evening. Park officials estimate its age at 1,000 years.

A Jeep Grand Cherokee was parked at the side of Generals Highway and was crushed. No one was inside. Park spokeswoman Alexandra Picavet says the tree had some fire damage, and that might have contributed to its collapse.

In nearby Yosemite National Park, a well known Jeffrey pine tree on top of Sentinel Dome fell sometime last week.

The tree attracted photographers Ansel Adams and Carelton Watkins in the late 1800s and it appears on numerous postcards. The tree died during a severe drought in the late 1970s, but had remained standing until last week.

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