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Poll: Most Californians Support Legal Abortions

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A poll released today says about two-thirds of California voters want to see existing abortion laws left alone or an easing of restrictions on abortion.

The Field Poll released this morning says 30 years after the Supreme Court´s landmark abortion ruling, nearly half of California voters want no changes in the existing law. Another 21 percent would like to see abortion laws relaxed.

In 1991, 33 percent of those polled supported making abortions easier to obtain.

Conversely, 22 percent of voters wanted to make abortions tougher to get when polled in 1991, compared with 26 percent in the newest poll.

The breakdown along party lines shows 25 percent of Democrats polled said they would like to see abortions made easier to obtain, compared with eight percent of Republicans who responded.

Of those polled, 47 percent of Republicans felt abortions should be harder to obtain, compared with 15 percent of Democrats.