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SF Firefighter Injured In Fall From Truck

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A female San Francisco firefighter remains in critical condition today after falling from the back of a fire engine and hitting her head.

Forty-year-old Melinda Ohler was injured Wednesday evening as the engine she was on headed for San Francisco International Airport to respond to reports of a fire in a people-mover car.

The 13-year veteran of the force underwent two operations at San Francisco General Hospital to relieve pressure on her brain. She remained unconscious and unresponsive. Fire Chief Mario Trevino says Ohler signaled an “all clear” to the driver of the engine, indicating she was seated with her seat belt fastened.

Moments later, as the engine gained speed, Ohler fell. Her seat belt was found unfastened. Trevino said it is not clear how the belt came undone. He says it´s the first accident of its kind in city history.