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Hummer, SUV Sales At Record Levels

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A growing SUV backlash and increasing concern about the country´s dependence on foreign oil has done nothing to stem enthusiasm for one of the most gluttonous gas-guzzlers – the Hummer.

Dealers say the military-style behemoth gets eight-to-ten miles per gallon. General Motors, which markets and distributes the latest version of the vehicle, the Hummer H-2, puts the figure at 10-to-13 miles per gallon. By comparison, the Ford Expedition gets 14-to-19 miles per gallon.

Despite the criticism, auto industry trackers say Hummer dealers are selling out their inventory with no discounts, rebates or special financing.

According to industry figures, Americans continue to buy SUVs at record levels, with sales up almost seven percent last year and up 42 percent over the past five years.