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Modesto Police Shoot, Kill Suspect

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Officials are trying to confirm the identity of a man shot and killed by Modesto police and other law enforcement agents late last night. Sergeant Ed Steele of the Modesto Police Department said officials were tracking down a man they said matched the description of Earl Foster Junior, who is wanted in connection with the shooting of veteran Pittsburg police detective Ray Giacomelli on Tuesday.

Steele said the officials came upon the man at a telephone booth. He was asked to raise his hands, but he pulled a gun instead and ran away shooting. Officers fired back and wounded the man, but he got up and again began shooting. Officers returned fire, wounding him critically. The man was pronounced dead a few minutes later.

Law enforcement officials from Contra Costa County and the Pittsburg police department were on hand to help in the investigation. But Steele said they were not involved in the shootout.