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Laci’s Family Speaks Out

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Laci Peterson´s family spoke publicly today for the first time since her body and the body of her unborn son were identified last Friday. The family thanked police, friends and strangers for the support they have received in the months since their daughter´s disappearance.

Laci´s stepfather, Ron Grantski, said the family would have nothing to say about Scott Peterson, Laci´s husband, who was charged earlier today with two counts of murder. Scott Peterson pled not guilty to both counts.

Grantski said the family “owed it to Laci” to let the courts do their work. Grantski said his family felt sorry for Scott´s parents, Jackie and Lee Peterson.

Laci´s mother, Sharon Rocha, broke down, saying she still hears her daughter calling her. She said no parent should ever have to think about how their child was murdered.