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Union Votes on Pay Cut, Supervisors Get Huge Raise

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Thousands of union workers in San Francisco are getting ready to vote on a pay cut of 7.5% at the same time city supervisors are getting a 300% percent raise.

The city is asking 13,000 members of the Service Employees International Union for the giveback to help cover the city´s huge budget deficit. Some union members aren´t happy about helping the city when the people who run it will soon be getting paid $112,000 a year.

Ida McCray works for the Sheriff´s Department. She says the board´s pay hike is insulting and a slap in the face. McCray says she will hold her nose and vote for the pay cut, because she´s been told it will save some important social programs.

A spokesman for Mayor Willie Brown says if union members don´t approve the new contract, 374 more city employees could be laid off.