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Pot “Guru” Gets A Day in Jail

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Ed Rosenthal, the self proclaimed “Guru of Ganja,” has been sentenced in San Francisco to a day in jail for growing more than 100 marijuana plants in an Oakland warehouse.

The courtroom erupted in cheers after the sentence was announced. Rosenthal got a day in jail on each of three counts, to be served concurrently. He must also pay a $1,300 fine. The maximum sentence for the charges is 60 years in prison.

Rosenthal was convicted in January of growing marijuana. State law allows the use of marijuana for medical reasons. Rosenthal says the plants were for Oakland€™s medical marijuana program. Rosenthal says he did what he did to help people who are suffering.

Rosenthal also says federal laws barring the use of marijuana for medical treatment are doomed.