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Przybyla Details Jobs Saved By Paycheck Protection Program Funding

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Sonora, CA — 634 federal Paycheck Protection Program loans were dispersed in Tuolumne County and it helped retain 4,452 jobs.

This was detailed in a report by the county’s Director of Innovation and Business Assistance, Cole Przybyla, during a year-in-review presentation at Tuesday’s board of supervisors meeting.

He noted that 40-percent of the loans, to help offset losses related to COVID-19, went to small business owners.

When it comes to jobs retained thanks to the revenue, 26-percent of the local jobs were full-service restaurants, 10-percent were religious organizations, 9-percent were hotels and 6-percent each went to the sectors of retail, recreation and drinking establishments.

Had the local businesses not received PPP loans, Pryzybyla estimates that the “worst-case scenario” would have been an April Tuolumne County unemployment rate of 37-percent.

The county was active in reaching out to local businesses about the federal funding opportunities, including personal phone calls, text messages, webinars, website information and blogs.

You can read Pryzybyla’s entire presentation by clicking here.