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Gay Pride Parade Extra “Exciting”

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San Francisco´s Gay Pride Parade featured an added sense of excitement and optimism this year. Organizers and marchers say yesterday´s parade was different from recent years, thanks to the Supreme Court´s recent ruling that struck down laws against sodomy.

The high court justices issued a sweeping decision that defended the privacy rights of gay people.

Brian Carr, who marched with his partner and pushed their two sons in strollers, says the Supreme Court decision means gays and lesbians don´t have to be afraid.

But despite this year´s historic backdrop, the parade still had a party atmosphere.

The lesbian motorcycle group “Dykes on Bikes” led off the parade, as it does every year.

Jeffrey Sykes, who has attended at least ten Gay Pride parades in San Francisco, says the event is a chance for gays and lesbians to “let it all hang out and celebrate who we are.”