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CalTrans: Bypass Opening Date Was Tentative

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The reason for the confusion over the opening date of the East Sonora Bypass, according to CalTrans, was that Tuesday was only supposed to be a tentative date.

Spokeswoman Tina Walker told KVML News late Tuesday that one reason for the mix-up might have been the ribbon-cutting ceremony last week.

“It´s typical for the Department of Transportation and our transportation partners to do a ribbon-cutting event prior to the opening, so that´s not an unusual occurrence,” Walker explained.

So when will the bypass actually open to the public?

“We are currently in the process of finalizing the relinquishment agreement of Mono Way back to the county, and as soon as those last little notes, dotting all of our I´s and crossing all of our T´s, are completed, then that document will go before the Board of Supervisors. We´re scheduled for that July 27th,” Walker said.

The agreement to turn over control of Mono Way to Tuolumne County must take place so that there aren´t two different State Routes with the same number, 108.

Walker says the three-mile stretch of roadway will open soon afterward.