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Man Arrested For Supplying Alcohol in Fatal DUI Crash

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It´s a life-and-death message to anyone who has furnished alcohol to a minor.

An Arnold man was arrested today in relation to the double-fatal car accident in White Pines on May 11th in which two teens were killed and another was severely injured.

23-year-old Jacob Matthew Gallegos was arrested at 11:50 Thursday morning for thirteen separate violations including proximately causing injury or death of a minor.

17 year-old Steven Ferrari of Arnold and Ernest Mann, of Hathaway Pines — who had just turned 16 — were both killed after their car smashed into trees.

Three other teens in the car were injured.

The CHP and Calaveras County Sheriff´s Department have been investigating the case since May, trying to determine where the teens got the alcohol and which teenager was actually behind the wheel.

Officials at the Calaveras County Jail said suspect Gallegos was already doing time for charges related to writing bad checks.

He was arrested on the new charges late Thursday morning and bail is currently set at 15-thousand dollars, although that may change.

The new charges against Gallegos include five counts of contrinbuting to the delinquency of a minor, five counts of sale or furnishing alcohol to a minor, and three additional counts of sale or furnishing alcohol to a minor with a result of injury or death.

There´s no word yet on when Gallegos will first head to court on these charges.