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Bad Santa Charged With Child Abduction

A 70-year-old Medford, Oregon man has been charged with attempting to abduct an eight-year-old Mount Shasta girl while dressed as Santa Claus.
The man reportedly was wearing a red jacket and driving around in a white Cadillac when he approached three little girls.
Authorities say he offered the girls an odd assortment of gifts and told them: “Get in the car. I want to show you something. I am Santa Claus.”
With that, he allegedly grabbed one of the girls. James Schreiber was soon arrested and taken to the Siskiyou County Jail.
Despite warnings from the judge, Schreiber is insisting on acting as his own attorney.
Aside from being Santa Claus, Schreiber has claimed in court to own a gold mine worth “hundreds of millions of dollars.” He has been unable to post bail or hire a lawyer. An arraignment for Schreiber was set for August 24th.