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DNA Expert Testifies in Peterson Case

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A D-N-A expert has testified at least one strand of dark hair found on Scott Peterson´s boat probably came from his dead wife.

Tests on hair D-N-A can narrow down whose hair it may be, but are not as specific as blood D-N-A tests.

Defense attorneys also suggest innocent explanations for how the hair came to be on the boat, such as being transferred on Scott Peterson´s clothing.

Prosecutors in Peterson´s double-murder trial have begun to put witnesses on the stand they hope will help neutralize the defense case that´s expected to start in about three weeks.

Prosecutors called several women to testify they were pregnant at the same time as Laci Peterson and walked for exercise in the same area she did.

The idea is that anyone who says they saw the victim in a park after her husband had left for San Francisco Bay actually saw someone else.