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Peterson Murder Trial Wrapping Up

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Prosecutors in Scott Peterson´s murder trial are presenting their final witnesses this week.

Many witnesses have testified that Peterson acted like a guilty man.

But experts say the look of guilt has many faces.

Many observers said Sam Sheppard acted guilty, too.

Sheppard was accused in 1954 of killing his pregnant wife.

Like Peterson, he gave conflicting accounts and lied about having an affair.

He was convicted of murder and spent ten years in prison before he was retried and acquitted.

Mental health experts agree there´s no behavior that should, in and of itself, be considered suspicious.

Nonetheless, prosecutors have pointed to Peterson´s lies about his affair with massage therapist Amber Frey.

He also told several people he spent Christmas Eve morning golfing, while telling others he went fishing in the San Francisco Bay.

That´s where his wife — Laci Peterson — and her fetus washed ashore.