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500 Meals Served To Sonora’s Needy

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Hundreds of hot Thanksgiving meals were served up last night in Downtown Sonora, thanks to the Heart Rock Cafe and the Christian Heights Church.

Pastor Craig Andrus was there, making sure things were running smoothly.

“The Bible tells us that you need to treat people the way you want to be treated, and that´s what we´re trying to do: just to remind people that there´s a God that loves them and cares for them, and do what we can to help people at Thanksgiving,” said Andrus Wednesday night.

Pastor Andrus added their goal was a straightforward one:

“It´s rewarding when people say ´thank you so much´. Two minutes ago, a guy said to me, ´thank you, you don´t know what this means to us homeless people´. And that really makes it rewarding.”

One man who enjoyed a Thanksgiving meal last night said he very much appreciated it.

“I came here because the community´s trying to do something for people that don´t have something for tomorrow.”

And as for his message to the folks at Christian Heights Church and Heart Rock Cafe?

“God bless everybody, and God bless them. Thank you.”

About 500 dinners were served at the Cafe, Courthouse park across the street, and some were even delivered to those in need who couldn´t make their way to downtown Sonora last night.