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Sonora Christmas Parade Entertains Thousands

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Last night… thousands lined Washington Street in downtown Sonora for the 21st Annual Christmas Parade.

The parade began at the Red Church on the north end of Washington Street and proceeded south.

There were therapy dogs, dancers, horses, prancers… and yes, even a visit from the one and only Santa Claus.

When welcomed to Tuolumne County on Friday night, Claus replied: “Thank you very much, I love coming here!”

Claus´s best wish for Tuolumne County: “Fine weather, fine customers, and just a good life.”

And when asked whether the majority of kids in Tuolumne County were naughty or nice this year, he answered with a curt “That´s classified.”

Many parents said they were spending more this year than last year on gifts for their families.

“Holiday spending is probably up,” said one man, because “we want our kids to have a good Christmas.”