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Peterson Trial: Friends & Family Testify

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A long-time friend of Scott Peterson´s family has told jurors they made a mistake when they convicted him of murdering his pregnant wife.

That opinion was echoed by two of Peterson´s uncles, Robert and John Latham, who said the verdict was a mistake and that they don´t believe Peterson is guilty.

As they asked for Peterson´s life to be spared, some jurors showed no expression, and some looked away or toward the ground.

Family friend Sandra Bertram said of Peterson: “I don´t believe he could´ve done this.”

She´s known the family 30 years.

Cousins, too, testified for Peterson, one saying: “There is not a violent bone in his body.”

The defense has scheduled at least nine more witnesses before closing arguments are heard in the trial´s penalty phase.

Sentencing is set for February.