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CHP Warns Drivers of New Laws

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The California Highway Patrol is now reminding motorists that a number of new driving laws are among those that kick in starting Saturday, January the First.

School bus drivers will be prohibited from using cellular phones while driving except for work or emergency reasons.

Headlights must now be turned on during any conditions that require the windshield wipers to be in continuous use.

If you want to drive a motorized scooter, you´ll be needing a class C driver´s license now. Also scooters without mufflers are prohibited.

Look out if you like to speed. More than one conviction of driving faster than 100 miles per hour will mean new, heftier fines.

It´s now officially illegal to buy or possess any device which changes the sequence of an official traffic signal.

Those convicted of illegal street racing will now face 40 hours of community service, in addition to required jail time and a suspended driver´s license.

The new hybrid cars can use freeway carpool lanes, even with only one person.

And all children under 6 must be properly restrained in the back seat of passenger vehicles. It´ll also be illegal to have your one year old or younger child in the front seat if there´s a passenger-side air bag in the car.