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Over $300-thousand Raised Thus Far During Fair Virtual Auction

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Sonora, CA — The bidding during the Mother Fair’s virtual livestock auction wrapped up over the weekend, but more money could still come in over the coming days.

Fair CEO Ken Alstott says it was a “very successful event.”

He adds, “The total auction and bids were $262,860.”

In addition, he notes, “This year we started a new program called ‘add-ons.’ Anybody who couldn’t afford to buy a pig or a sheep or steer in full could go in and help the kids and do an add-on. Our current total for those is over $75,000.”

Add-on donations will continue to be accepted for the kids through Friday. Click here for more information.

To find a rundown of the winning bids, click here.

This year’s event was scaled down in size and numbers, as last year’s auction raised a record-breaking amount of around $480,000.

Alstott notes that he anticipates some form of an in-person, and virtual, hybrid type auction could occur next summer, assuming COVID-19 is in the rearview mirror, and large events are again taking place. He says it could give the community a chance to bid on livestock in person, and also allow those who are out of town to make bids.


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