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New Laws Start In California Today

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Domestic partners, teenage drivers, renters and even rowdy fans are among the people that will feel the impact of a host of new laws that take effect today.

A bill passed by the California legislature last year goes into effect giving domestic partners the same rights as married couples — including child support and joint responsibility for debts. On the roads, teenagers under the age of 17-and-a-half will have to finish a driver education course before they can get a driver´s permit.

Renters who win a lawsuit against a landlord in an eviction lawsuit within 60 days of filing, will have the records sealed. The aim of the new law is to protect tenants from discrimination by future landlords.

And rowdy sports fans better learn to behave. A new law levies fines of to $250 for throwing an object onto a field of play or running out on the field without permission.