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Explosive Safely Destroyed

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Authorities safely disposed of an unstable stick of dynamite found in a shed off Jacksonville Road last night.

Tuolumne County Fire Marshal Kari Hubbard says the homeowner found the 1930-vintage explosive and called sheriffs deputies to the scene around 5 p.m. — who then called in the Calaveras County Bomb and Arson squad to assess the dangers.

The age of the explosive made it extremely prone to detonation. and members of the bomb squad decided not to attempt to remove the single stick. “So after taking a good look at the area, they called in CDF and Tuolumne County fire,” Hubbard said. “They determined the best way to dispose of the dynamite was to ignite it, meaning to burn it.

“It was a safe operation,” Hubbard says. “They were able to safely dispose of the dynamite and the shed the homeowner was wanting to get rid of as well.”

Hubbard says the 10 by 10 shed that the dynamite was found in was also destroyed.

Jamestown firefighters plus county Office of Emergency Services and Tuolumne County Ambulance personnel were on hand as well.