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Check Fraud Scams Remain a Problem for Motherlode

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Identity theft and check fraud continue to be a problem all over the country. Tuesday, five people were arrested in Calaveras County on charges including possession of stolen checks.

“December 29th, [a deputy] made a car stop which resulted in him recovering some stolen property, which led to the search warrants, which led to arrests, which led to more search warrants, and more arrests.”

Captain Mike Walker with the Calaveras County Sheriff´s department said even though in this case the stolen checks were from a closed account, it´s still a good idea to protect your sensitive documents.

“Anytime that you have any extra checks, from a closed account or even your checking account that is currently active, you want to maintain those in a safe place that you know and have possession of at all times,” Walker said.

Walker added the arrests this week indicate stolen check scams are still active in the area… just as they are everywhere.

“In terms of a larger incidence of check fraud that we´re seeing, it´s the identity theft problem that the entire state is experiencing,” he said.