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“Stealth Juror” In Peterson Trial?

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The judge in the murder trial of Scott Peterson wants to hear from a tipster who sparked a controversy over what legal experts call a “stealth juror.”

Yesterday, defense attorney Mark Geragos accused one of the potential jurors of lying to try to get on the jury. Geragos says his office received a tip saying that the potential juror, who has only been identified as a retired secretary, had bragged about how she had “passed the test” to get on the jury.

During a heated courtroom exchange yesterday, Geragos asked the woman if she had ever said that Peterson was ” guilty as hell.” The woman denied making the comment, or talking about the jury selection process.

Judge Alfred Delucchi ordered the unidentified tipster to appear in court May 10th to answer questions about what he heard.

The potential juror will return to San Mateo County Superior Court the next day to determine if she remains in the jury pool.