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Council Discusses Rules Involving Dogs in Parks

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A big discussion at the Sonora City Council meeting yesterday revolved around the rules for dogs at Rotary Park.

A citizen who´d been ticketed for walking her dog on the ball field claimed that the adjacent signs, one reading “dogs not allowed on the ball field” and one reading “Leash law strictly enforced”, were confusing. That citizen did not attend last night´s meeting.

Council members last night discussed the placement of the signs and whether their meaning conflicted.

“The signs convey three mutually exclusive messages: if dogs are in the park, they need to be on a leash, you need to pick up after your dog, and we don´t want dogs on the ball field,” said Community Development Director Ed Wylie.

Wylie also said the city has an investment in the park and the ball field:

“I think that if the prime users of the ball field were here tonight, little league, the JV girls´ softball team, they would agree and appreciate the fact that we´ve posted it that way to not have dogs on the ball field.”

In the end, council members agreed to let the city staff make the final call on whether or not to change or move the signs.