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Olympic Swimmer’s Ordeal Highlighted on 20/20

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If you were watching ABC´s 20/20 last night, you saw downtown Sonora featured on one of the stories.

Reporter Chris Connolly interviewed Olympic swimmer Tammy Crow and others involved in the vehicular manslaughter case against her.

Crow said her Olympic teammates have helped her through this traumatic time.

“There´s days (sic) that I didn´t want to come, and they would call up and say, ´Hey, why aren´t you here?´”

But Deputy District Attorney Jim Newkirk says this is a situation in which there are no winners.

“You´re talking about some traffic violations, but the results are just catastrophic for the Slinger family and the Tatro family. Most people call these collisions an accident, but an accident is something that occurs without fault,” said Newkirk.

This week, the U.S. Synchronized Swim Team placed third in pre-Olympic trials in Athens, Greece. Tammy Crow has not been allowed to swim with the team yet, however, since the U.S. Olympic Committee hasn´t yet made the decision.