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Avery School Students Go By The Book

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Avery Middle School students will have something new in their bookbags this fall: assignment planners.

The planners will be free to the students, Avery Principal Kevin Hart said, but the youngsters will be required to carry the books with them each school day.

The planners are a real good way for students to stay on top of their school work. They also help parents and teachers communicate about how the children are doing with their assignments, Hart said.

Last year was the first time Avery Middle School students used planning books. Before then, youngsters there had used desktop-style scheduling calendars. The 2004-05 school year will be the first that the school will issue pre-dated planners.

“The last ones we had were generic planners,” Hart said. “They were blank, and the students had to fill in the dates. They were successful for most students. We hope now to pick up the rest.”

Although there is money in the school´s budget that can be used to purchase the assignment planners, which run about $2.50 to $3 per student, most n maybe all n of those funds will be available for other items.

The Avery Parents Club, which has helped cover the cost of planners in the past, again has promised to provide at least half of the money needed for this year´s purchases. The club works with businesses and other community members to raise money for the school and its students.

“It´s the trend of community involvement picking up the slack in these trying times,” Hart said.

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