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Power Pole Crash Causes Chain Reaction

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San Andreas, CA — CHP says a Valley Springs man is facing DUI charges after causing a three vehicle accident on Pettinger Road near Highway 12.

Police say 24-year-old Patrick Spurr was traveling southbound when he drove off the road and struck a power pole just after 7:30 last night.

A report says the impact caused the top of another pole to break and fall into the roadway. CHP says Spurr fled the scene on foot but later returned.

While Spurr was gone, CHP says 31-year-old Christopher Barney stopped his Chevrolet pickup in the northbound lane and left the drivers door open after getting out.

Officers say 30-year-old Michael Warn was driving southbound and swerved to miss the fallen powerpole and hit the open door on Barney´s truck.

Spurr was arrested for DUI and hit and run after he returned to the scene.