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Calaveras Dons Red Ribbons

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San Andreas, CA — This week is Red Ribbon Week in Calaveras County and the rest of the nation.

The red ribbon signifies opposition to the illegal use of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.

Workers from the county´s Behavioral Health Services program spent Monday morning putting red ribbons up around the Government Center in San Andreas.

Also Monday, the Board of Supervisors heard from a group of teenagers in West Point who´ve been working on a plan to rid their communities of drug abuse.

The county helped the group form and come up with a list of goals. They call themselves the Dreamcatchers and they say, in order to be healthy, West Point needs a grocery story, a low cost gym and a high school.

The county is looking at forming a similar youth group in Valley Springs.

An average of 200 residents participate in the county´s substance abuse programs every month. For more information call 754-6555.