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Forensic Experts Work To Identify Frozen Airman

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Fresno, CA — The body of a World War Two airman that climbers found intact on a Sierra Nevada glacier will be flown to a military lab in Hawaii for identification on Monday.

In the mean time, Fresno County coroner Loralee Cervantes says a team of forensic experts have been working to melt away the 400-pound block of ice and granite that encased the body when it was airlifted from the side of Mount Mendel on Wednesday.

Cervantes says the ice preserved the body´s skin and muscle, as well as the man´s sun-bleached hair and his green uniform, including thermal undershirt and sweater. The team also uncovered a fountain pen, a sewing kit and the ripcord for his unopened parachute.

Authorities also believe more bodies might be frozen in the same glacier. An archived government report says a pilot and three cadets went missing on a 1942 training flight that struck the glacier near where the military man was found.